Ayurveda, the Eastern Traditional Medicine addresses COVID-19. Simple and effective solution by Dr. AshakiranAyurveda, the Eastern Traditional Medicine addresses COVID-19. Simple and effective solution by Dr. Ashakiran

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Few years back, a doctor couple started an enquiry in to the biggest mystery of Ayurveda! Would like to know what they searched for? They started thinking, why Ayurveda is considered as Slow! They felt that there is a mismatch between what is promised in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures as fast curing method and what a belief is spread among public is just opposite to it. They decided to unravel this through vigorous research. As a result of their efforts, few interesting points emerged, two important points where, Ayurvedic treatment should be with freshly prepared medicines to get fast and better results and not with that of stored medicines. Second point was a Proper Nadi diagnosis is required to understand the imbalances in one’s constitution and it helps identify best suited medicines. Thus, Dr. Ashakiran and Dr. Manasa Bhat started preparing Ayurvedic medicines afresh after consulting the patients, leading to fast and better cure for almost all who received treatment.

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The Ultimate Mind and Body Healing

At Tatkshana Ayurveda Hospital, in Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru, we offer authentic treatment programs under the guidance of Dr. Manasa and Dr. Ashakiran — with over 15 combined years of experience. Many patients came here with their breathing, digestive, nervous, urinary, gynaecological issues and after treatment, all of them left our Hospital with a rewarding smile on their face.

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Panchakarma Treatment

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Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha is the ancient Ayurvedic technique of diagnosis through the pulse. It can accurately diagnose physical, mental and emotional imbalances as well as diseases. It is a noninvasive science that enables to reach the root cause of health issues and not just address the symptoms. We at Tatkshana Ayurveda Hospital diagnose every patient with Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis).

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Founded by Dr. Ashakiran and Dr. Manasa, the Tatkshana Ayurveda Hospital extends its endeavor to the humanity. The hospital follows the great old path of Ayurvedic philosophy.. Read more >>


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We must know that Ayurveda is not a medical system that addresses only the diseases. The first aim of Ayurveda is to preserve the health of the healthy.. Read more >>


I was suffering from hair problem since years. Later I came to know about DR. Manasa Bhat and was very happy the way she explained the causes for it and remedies. It is amazing to get freshly prepared medicine. I am undertaking the treatment and I am looking forward for an improvement. Thank you so much doctor.

Rekha Batra

Treatment for PCOD / PCOS

Good listener. Explain all the health issues elaborately. Good approach about illness. Prescribed medicines as required. Sympathetic friendly attitude well behaved. Recommend revisit at-least once.

Ramesh chandra

Treatment for Nadi Pariksha

I approached dr. Manasa Bhat for severe knee pain. She gave me treatment and I am relieved of the pain without surgery. It was a tremendous effort by the doctor. She is very kind and friendly and would patiently clarify my strange doubts. Often I take mouth wash medicine also from her and is very helpful. Her clinic is full fledged with panchakarma unit. I am very happy with doctor Manasa bhat’s treatment for cold, fever also.


Treatment for Knee Joint Pain (Non Surgical) Treatment for Arthritis

Visited this place for issue on Kidney Stones. I have had nothing but positive experience. Started with detox treatment and later moved to take care on the calculi. With in couple of weeks was able to see the response. Later after few sessions, when checked on the calculi the scans showed no signs of calculi visibility. Really a good experience at this place.


Treatment for Kidney Stones (Urinary Calculus)