Ayurveda, the Eastern Traditional Medicine addresses COVID-19. Simple and effective solution by Dr. AshakiranAyurveda, the Eastern Traditional Medicine addresses COVID-19. Simple and effective solution by Dr. Ashakiran

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Tele Consultation

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Everyone deserves good medical care. For many reasons (including the present Pandemic condition and distances) it becomes an obligation to provide health services to all people even in remote and rural areas.

Due to Covid-19, our travel options are restricted. It is also advisable for senior citizens to avoid travels. Telemedicine/Online Consultation facility is provided to those who are not able to visit our hospital.

Telemedicine has made it possible for Tatkshana Ayurveda to virtually visit a patient. Dr. Manasa has done more than 500 tele-consultations in last one year.

  • For Telemedicine, a patient has to take prior appointment, with an advance payment of Rs. 300/- (NEFT or Google Pay).
  • On the fixed date and time of online appointment, the Doctor will call the patient over video call. Doctor will interact with patient and the bystander to understand the history of the health issue.
  • Diagnosis reports if available can be sent to us via WhatsApp or e-mail. Doctor will evaluate the reports and prescribe any further diagnosis if necessary.
  • After detailed interaction Doctor will decide the medicines. The prescribed medicines will be prepared at our hospital pharmacy itself.
  • Patient has to pay the amount of medicine in advance through any of the e-payment options such as NEFT/Google Pay.
  • The freshly made medicines, with instructions, will be immediately sent via Indian Post or courier to the patient’s home address.
  • Doctor will be in touch with the patient throughout the follow-up period. To avail the Telemedicine facility of Tatkshana Ayurveda, pleases book an appointment (+91 77605 75333).