Obesity and infertility

Obesity and infertility

A BMI over 25 is termed as overweight and above 30 is Obese

The following grid explains the same.

between 25 and 29.9 – overweight

between 30 and 39.9 – obesity

40 or over – severe obesity

If your BMI puts you in the “overweight, obese, or severely obese” category, you should consider losing weight if there are additional risk factors, such as smoking, inactivity or high blood pressure co-exists.

The writings on the wall are very clear. The risk for various cardiovascular diseases, stroke, blood pressure, kidney problems, cancer, arthritis, and other chronic diseases starts to rise at a BMI of 25. This is why people are encouraged to be at a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9. Men tend to be at the higher end of the scale and women toward the middle and lower end, but your desired weight may vary depending on your individual health goals. One of the major illnesses associated with Obesity is infertility. Infertility due to Obesity can affect both women and men. Takshana, Ayurveda hospital, Bangalore is the best Ayurveda Hospital in Bangalore, to treat infertility.

In women, the early onset of obesity nurtures the development of menstrual irregularities, chronic oligo-anovulation, and infertility during adult age. Obesity in women enhances the risk of miscarriages and impairs the outcomes of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and pregnancy when the body mass index exceeds 30 kg/m. The adverse effects of obesity are obvious in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a common condition in young women (about 8%–10%).

Not all women with PCOS are overweight or obese, but many women with PCOS have signs of insulin resistance and/or obesity showing the inverse relationship between these two. A low-calorie diet and regular exercise may lead to weight loss, regular menstrual cycles, and in turn regular ovulation. However, women with PCOS may require additional treatment to get pregnant, including medications to decrease insulin resistance or any other hormonal imbalances as the case may be. Studies show that in obese women with anovulation, the underlying cause is most likely due to PCOS. PCOS is linked to obesity or overweight along with symptoms of high male hormone secretion.

The main factors implicated in the association may be hormonal like insulin excess and insulin resistance. Pregnancy-induced (gestational) diabetes and high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia) are more prevalent in obese women than in others. Obese women also have a greater chance of delivering by cesarean section. Children of obese mothers are at increased risk of some birth abnormalities and having a high birth weight. Weight loss treatment in Ayurveda is best suited once infertility is attributed to obesity and at Takshana, Ayurveda hospital, treatment for infertility in Ayurveda is done.

In men, obesity results in low testosterone levels. In severely obese individuals, reduced spermatogenesis associated with severe hypotestosteronemia may increase the chances of infertility. Moreover, the frequency of androgen imbalance & erectile dysfunction increases with increasing body mass index.

Obesity increases the chance of miscarriage and thus decreases successful pregnancy rates among obese women. This could be due to various conditions including, but not limited to poor quality of eggs or ovum, defective implantation, or defective reception of the fertilized egg onto the womb mainly due to insulin resistance and or defective and altered levels of hormones that help in sustaining the pregnancy.

Obesity causes high failure rates of successful pregnancy even after employing artificial methods including stimulation of ovulation and assisted conception. Given the situation, getting pregnant by a natural process in the case of obese women is a remote possibility. Experts believe that women who are severely overweight should not receive treatment until their weight has reduced, signifying the importance of weight reduction.


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